AWPA Protection Services

President - Thomas W. Bolling

AWPA As a decorated veteran of the United States Military Forces, Thomas W. Bolling has served the citizens of the United States of America both nationally and internationally. After leaving the U.S. Military, he continued his career as a dedicated law enforcement professional and security expert.

Through years of experience and training, Thomas Bolling’s methodology uses a military and police philosophy with a strategic and tactical approach. This approach first outlines and addresses the underline problem worldwide in the security industry. He then addresses the growing national and international problem of crime dealing with private industry and private property. Through this professional approach and knowledge, Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency, was incorporated. Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency, Inc. has established itself as a primer private police, executive protection and full service contract security agency. Ambassador is setting new industry standards which exceeds market and industry practices.

These standards are applied in every situation of daily company operation. Operating with a philosophy that no one does it better is just one of the drivers that Ambassador is known for. Then, maintaining a low attrition rate with an extremely high level of security guard training and placing emphasis on officer’s safety, and giving the best possible services than any other competing security companies. This ensures a high level of customer, client satisfaction, which propels Ambassador forward in continuing to make its mark.

As a veteran of the United States military, and with present day threat assessments, homeland security risk vulnerabilities, the ongoing risk of domestic terrorism and terrorist attacks, Thomas Bolling takes security seriously. It is his belief that if the nations security would be taken more seriously, then events like 911, would most likely not to have occurred.

This is another reason that Ambassador’s hiring practices are so stringent. Instituting a company wide hiring practice which seek out and employs applicants with primarily a law enforcement and former, military and former experience, and only the best of the best qualified applicant when it comes to seasoned physical security specialist. “Security is what we stand for and security is what we will do”. It is our professional experience and attitudes towards what we do that makes the difference between us and other companies. Our mere presence commands respect.

Employees of AWPA operate with a common “can do” attitude. They understand the importance of taking charge, being a leader, and being number one. Our professional attitudes are fueled by our belief in pride and professionalism, where the words “Integrity, Courage, and Vigilance” are incorporated in who we are as well as what we are. With the majority of our officers being qualified with the AR-15, MP-5, MP-3, Carbon-15 and the 870 Magnum and 870 Express shotgun, we will and continued to accomplish any task put before us. With AWPA, “security is not just our job, it’s our way of life.”

You will learn that during the application and pre-employment period, each potential employee must successfully complete a rigorous physical agility battery of tests, an oral interview, a written test, a reference check, a criminal history check, a second interview, and a drug screening process. Thomas Bolling will not make it easy for you. He believes that you should learn and earn your success. Nothing worth having comes easy. If you earn it, then it’s yours and you will take care of it. Those who are successful must also be of good moral character, able to interact with the general public, and complete a 90-day probationary period while under continuious written and performance test. These professionals possess the ability to serve AWPA as both armed and unarmed physical security specialists and loss security prevention specialists. The employees of AWPA understand the nature and importance of being the best.

President Thomas Bolling, has selected his company management team with the same stringent standards. Each member of management recognizes the opportunity of today’s market potential for the development of a global private police and protective service with state-of-the-art equipment, tactics and a twenty-first-century-minded team of officers invigorating new blood and a renewed image, fashioned to quickly become the world’s market leader. Failing to set the standard of leadership for yourself and your subordinates, and also failing to maintain a personal and professional growth paste will leave you jobless with this company.

Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency, Inc is a veteran-owned and operated business formed to meet the world’s vast security needs and challenges head-on as we forge.

Sergeant Edward Betterton, Street Patrol Supervisor

SchmidtEdward K. Betterton comes from a family with a rich military background.  He has served in the U.S. Coast Guard and was honorably discharged.  Sergeant Betterton brings more than 20 years of experience, knowledge and skills to ensure the successful day-to-day operation of each and every security effort managed by our organization.
 Sergeant Betterton serves Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency as a Sergeant and Street Field Supervisor.   Born and raised as a military dependent, he completed his Associates Degree in computer Electronics at Southwest Community College, Memphis, Tennessee.  Sergeant Betterton is recognized within the company for his team development skills and commitment to a superior quality of officer and service to the customer.
Sergeant Betterton has now committed the next chapter of his life to providing private protective services to the citizens of the United States, and abroad where our services are required.  Sergeant Betterton's own words, "Success Is Our Only  Option".


Vice President - KRISTY M. FARLEY

AWPAAs a leading member of Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency’s security services management team, Kristy Farley commands the position of company vice president. With more than 20 years experience in business arena. She has been co-founder and has partnered in many new company startups that range from telecommunications consulting, manufacturing, to service industry startups. Ms. Farley has a 15-year track record of achievement in establishing startup companies and growing them to be $4 to $8 million dollar companies. Ms. Farley achieves this process by recruiting highly-qualified professional individuals to form a management team that will contribute in all arenas of the business: operations, finances, administrative, training, and all other aspects, all the while limiting overhead and operations costs to achieve the set goal of profitability. Serving Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency, Inc. since 2004 as Vice President, Ms. Farley is well on her way to developing AWPA security company as her next 100 million dollar baby.

Inspector Jennifer Parker, Director of Administrative Services

ParkerInspector Jennifer E. Parker was born in Louisville, Kentucky and studied at Sullivan University majoring in Business Administration.  She later settl ed in Bowling Green, Kentucky before relocating to Memphis, Tennessee.

With a strong work ethic, and impeccable work history, Jennifer Parker spent more than 17 years embedded in the day-to-day operations of a Memphis based marketing firm. 

With her keen business management skills and vast business operations and administrative skill set, Jennifer’s recruitment to Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency in 2011 added a major missing piece to our success puzzle.  Serving as the Director of Administrative Services and working closely with AWPA’s Vice President, K. Farley, the Administrative Departments productivity has already increased some 15%. 

Inspector Douglas Schmidt, Assistant Operations Manager

SchmidtInspector Douglas Schmidt is a valued addition to the Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency family.  As a 12 year decorated Navy Veteran he has served the citizens of the United States of America proudly.   While serving in the United States Navy, Douglas Schmidt developed his direction towards success by acquiring invaluable training in physical security and investigations. 

Following his naval service, Douglas Schmidt took his acquired knowledge and developed skills to the U. S. Department of Justice where he continued his faithful and distinguished service in an awesome and rewarding career.   Retiring in 2006, Douglas Schmidt re-entered the private sector and ran his own successful private investigations agency (Schmidt Investigations) in a moral determination to fight for those seeking justice.  He solved or assisted in successfully solving missing person’s cases, wrongful death cases, accident reconstruction cases, and other cases.  Owning Schmidt Investigations, Douglas Schmidt also provided independent consulting services.  Through the inspiration of God, and his faith lead destiny found him relocating to the Memphis Shelby County Tennessee Metropolitan Area.  His well rounded background opened a new chapter in a career in private security where his diverse, personnel and business background would provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency and its Clients.  By running his own successful business, Douglas Schmidt is highly motivated and has a “CAN DO ATTITUDE,” and will meet and exceed Ambassador’s Clients’ and prospective client’s personal protection and security expectations.

Major James E. Prince, Chaplain

PrinceChaplain James has served in Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana in local and private law enforcement for the past twenty-four years. Coinciding with his law enforcement career, James Prince has also served as pastor of four Southern Baptist Churches.  In his pastoral leadership, he has served as Youth Minister, Associate Pastor, and Associate to the Senior Pastor.  James Prince has always walked under the inspiration of God, and always seeks his guidance for the will of those lives is touched through his ministering.

Among his other responsibilities, James Prince is also serving the Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Cordova, Tennessee as the Lead Security Officer.  James Prince holds an Associate of Divinity degree and is completing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Studies. 

James Princes holds the rank of Major and serves as Chaplain with Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency.  His position is unique and not customarily found in organizations outside of Military and Public Policing organizations.  As Chaplain James Prince offers counseling services, prayer, leads in devotion, conducts hospital visitation, consoling the bereaved, funerals, and offers an open ear for those just needing a friend to talk to. His position as Chaplain is a booster to officer’s moral. His is truly a “Prince” amongst men.